Firecracker Casserole

This firecracker casserole is a family favorite and one of my most go to casseroles of all time. It’s easy to put together especially when you are in a pinch for dinner. Which is basically all the time with me and a busy little two year old running around the house.

If you like really spicy foods then just add a little more chili powder and jalapeno to the dish. I cut it down a little just so the whole family could enjoy this casserole. Another thing I like about this recipe is you can freeze for later use. Going back to being in a pinch, just make this ahead of time and freeze for later use.

I know a lot of families out there would love to be eating this for dinner especially new moms.  This Tex-Mex casserole is also along the same lines of this firecracker casserole.  Both are perfect for a nice dinner at home.

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